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Theatrewolf Podcast

Dec 12, 2020

Jane Childs is the Director of Stagecraft Institute of Las Vegas and has a varied 45 plus years theatre past including costuming, assisting her late husband Don on his scenic and lighting design projects, performing simultaneous French translation for Ladislav Vychodil, and being the den mother to many years of theatre students. Her managerial and development skills bode well for SILV’s partners and for her work for eight years as VP - Development with the SW Chapter of USITT. Her studies included Indiana University, La Sorbonne, and University of Iowa. Jane prides herself on the meshing of good materials and good practices with good people for the best future for our industry. Don and Jane Childs and SILV were honored with the Kennedy Center Golden Medallion award in January of 2013. Jane shares her husband Don’s true passion for theatre and teaching and his demand for integrity from those you work with - be they students or collaborators - that drove his work on a daily basis. Here’s to tomorrow and all the good work yet to do!


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