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Theatrewolf Podcast

Nov 28, 2020

Jason Cochran is a proud and active member of IATSE Local 51 in Houston, TX for the past (almost!) 5 years and has been working with them since he turned 18. He is a lighting programmer, head electrician, rigger, pyro-technician and whatever else comes his way. He works with a variety of producers in Houston presenting everything from ballet and opera to trade shows and concerts. Currently, Jason is the lighting programmer for the Houston Symphony and a freelance pyro technician. Outside of the world of live events, Jason spends most of his time being outdoors, drinking coffee or learning something new, probably about electronics.

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Shure SM7B:

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen):

TRITON AUDIO FetHead in-Line Microphone Preamp:

Elgato Stream Deck:


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