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Theatrewolf Podcast

Aug 22, 2020

Rick Wolff is twenty-three-year veteran of ETC with many client-facing positions in Customer Service, Demo, and Events. After an almost twelve-year stint as the Hospitality Coordinator providing tours of the ETC facility, managing merch/SWAG as well as Corporate Events, he recently moved into IT to help support development efforts of new online business software and internal CRM. Known industry-wide for his high energy and fun tours of ETC, he accomplished his 1,500th customer tour last December. His goofy and theatrical inner nerd with merchandise led to creative offerings such as the now-famous Source 4 pillow, Eos console USB, and amazingly comfortable line of clothing that are ETC fan favorites. He credits his upbeat personality and “fun” mentality from the mentorship of the late Fred Foster who founded ETC. An alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Rick is a rabid Badger fan and former member of the UW Band. With three adult children independently growing their lives, Rick enjoys time as an empty nester with his wife Valerie and two dogs on their lake property in rural Wisconsin.