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Theatrewolf Podcast

Jul 25, 2020

Sara Broadhead is the Head Electrician for Segerstrom Hall at Segerstrom Center for the Arts (when not furloughed because of COVID) and has been in the facility for the last 10 years.  Prior to having a "house gig" she did corporate and industrial event design traveling across the US with Brite Ideas. She has an MFA in Lighting Design from UC Irvine and Bachelors in Theatrical Design and Accounting from Western Michigan University.  She loves living in Southern California and adores the friend family that she has built while missing her family and friends in Michigan. Known to many on touring Broadway and Ballet shows as the baker of Broadway Baking Night: a chance to make some homemade snacks for the crews that bring art to our stage from all over the world and in return donations are made to Behind the Scenes each year.  A perpetual work in progress : ) "The Capacity To Care Is What Gives Life Its Deepest Significance." - Pablo Casals